Car freezer, in simple terms, it is a freezer that can be used in the car. So why do we need to carry a car freezer when traveling outdoors?


Foremost, car freeze can keep the food fresh well. In the process of food storage, it will not only lose nutrients, but also produce some harmful bacteria, such as mold, nitrosamines, etc. Therefore, the car freezer can well keep the food fresh and tasty. The temperature of car freezer can be as low as -20 ℃, which almost meets the preservation requirements of all foods. That is to say, preparing a car freezer can fully meet the conditions of food storage.


What's more, compared with the home freezer, the car freezer has good anti-vibration characteristics, and requires higher reliability of compressors. Due to the limited space in the car, the car refrigerator must not only meet the practical characteristics, but also must be compact, so as not to affect the daily use of the car as far as possible. When the car refrigerator reaches the battery protection setting value, it can automatically cut off the power to protect the normal driving.


Above all,  Whether it is in outdoor BBQ, the food that needs to be kept fresh is even refrigerated; or when you are traveling, you can take out a can of iced drinks at any time. The car freezer can bring you an absolute luxury level of life enjoyment.

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